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william maron

photo artist

Hi my name is Bill,

I am a self taught photographer and consider myself a photo artist. 

I am passionate about creating photo art which provides an emotional connection with you, the photographic and art enthusiast. 


My love for architecture is present in my portfolio series 'ART-itecture' in which I create unique photo art from famous landmarks mainly seen in New York City.

In my 'Wall Mural' series, my hope is to capture and preserve commissioned and non-commissioned wall mural art located on building walls around Long Island. These works of art from various artists are 'temporary' in nature and many times disappear and are lost forever due to weather, new construction or the building owners re-painting the mural wall.  It is my hope to catalog these works of art for future art enthusiasts to enjoy! 


In my "Flowers" portfolio, my intent is to create both a dynamic and surreal art piece which you would be proud to display in your home or office.

Long Island Art Journal:  The idea of LIAJ was inspired while I was in the hospital and noticed the community center/areas were decorated with patients artwork.  I wish to provide an outlet and conduit for these artists to be able to display and market their art (photography, poetry & writings, paintings, drawings & sketches) to the public so their art is not hidden or lost on the walls or within the halls of our institutions.

Published Works:

Newsday: July 2009, Explore LI, Cover Page

Boardcaster: Sept 2008, Board of Equalization Newsletter, Front Page

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